Rule: Guides
Added: July 14, 2014 @ 22:42 ET
by Admin User:Imper1um
Updated: July 14, 2014 @ 22:42 ET
by Admin User:Imper1um
Proposed: July 14, 2014 @ 22:42 ET
by Admin User:Imper1um
Final Approval: --PENDING--
In Effect: --PENDING--
Summary: Rules about Guides.

When someone creates a guides, the following guidelines should be followed.

Naming Edit

Guides should be named in Acronym format, following a "Guides/" setup. For example, Imper1um's Efficiency Guide should be named Guides/IEG. Links should list out the full name.

Adoption Edit

When a guide is incorrect for 30 days, any active editor may "adopt" the guide. Administrators should add the Template:Guide Adoption to guides that need adoption.

Validity Edit

No guide may lead players astray. Guides that are willingly providing false information should be deleted. Users that repeatedly add guides which are incorrect should be banned with progressively lengthier bans.

In Progress Edit

Guides that are incomplete should be clearly marked at the top of the guide.

References Edit

Guides should not reference other guides if possible. For guidelines, they should be copied to the guide top, instead of referencing another guide with a link.

Length/Theme Edit

Guides should have no length limit, but should follow a central theme. A guide that moves out of the purview of the initial guide should either be split into multiple guides or clearly separated in the guide table of contents.

No Discrimination Edit

No editor or commenter may negatively comment on the preferences of the writer.

Author/Adopter Authorized Editors Only Edit

Only the original author, or the adopter may edit the guide, unless it is an administrator editing out incorrect information, or an editor working under the authorization of the original author or adopter. Authors and adopters should clearly indicate permission for other authors to edit the guide.

Templates Edit

Guides should use the Template:EnemyBlock and Template:Item whenever possible.