Here you will find the various maps that make up the game world.

Area 001Edit

Level range 1-5,200


Ene1 ba Jousting Red Panda (ene1_ba) -BOSS- (+3 BP)
Point Value: 1216.7438596491 (HM: 12952.18245614)
HP: 32000 (HM: 352000) ATK: 1440 (HM: 15840)
XP: 250000 (HM: 2500000) Gold: 4000 (HM: 20000)
Stage Value: 72
Normal Mode Loot 1:
Item0 2 3: Kukri Knife (Id: 2)
Normal Mode Loot 2:
Item1 2 3: Bronze Armor (Id: 2)
Hard Mode Loot 1:
Item0 75 Kukri Knife+1 (Id: 75)
Found in the Level 710 Area.
Ene5 ba White Dragon Knight (ene5_ba) -BOSS- (+3 BP)
HP: 100000 (HM: 1100000) ATK: 7400 (HM: 81400)
XP: 5000000 (HM: 50000000) Gold: 7000 (HM: 35000)
Normal Mode Loot 1:
Item0 11 12: Battle Axe (Id: 11)
Normal Mode Loot 2:
Item2 2 HP Gem+2 (Id: 2)
Stacks HP increases by 5000
Normal Mode Loot 3:
Item2 6 ATK Gem+2 (Id: 6)
Stacks ATK increases by 3000
Hard Mode Loot 1:
Item2 66 God of War Gem (Id: 66)
Stacks ATK, DEF, and AGI increase by 50000
Found in the 2000 area
Ene3 ba Great Sphinx (ene3_ba) -BOSS- (+7 BP)
Point Value: 8609.2631578947 (HM: 98932.989473684)
HP: 300000 (HM: 3300000) ATK: 2400 (HM: 26400)
XP: 1500000 (HM: 15000000) Gold: 10000 (HM: 50000)
Stage Value: 80
Normal Mode Loot 1:
Item2 1 HP Gem+1 (Id: 1)
Stacks HP increases by 2000
Normal Mode Loot 2:
Item2 5 ATK Gem+1 (Id: 5)
Stacks ATK increases by 1000
Normal Mode Loot 3:
Item2 9 DEF Gem+1 (Id: 9)
Stacks DEF increases by 1000
Found in the 2222 area.
Ene6 ba Oculus of Hatred (ene6_ba) -BOSS- (+3 BP)
HP: 700000 (HM: 7700000) ATK: 6800 (HM: 74800)
XP: 25000000 (HM: 250000000) Gold: 1000 (HM: 5000)
Normal Mode Loot 1:
Item2 21 EXP Gem+1 (Id: 21)
Stacks EXP obtained increases by 20%
Normal Mode Loot 2:
Item2 22 EXP Gem+2 (Id: 22)
Stacks EXP obtained increases by 30%
Normal Mode Loot 3:
Item2 23 EXP Gem+3 (Id: 23)
Stacks EXP obtained increases by 50%
Hard Mode Loot 1:
Item2 64 Hero Gem (Id: 64)
Stacks All stats increase by 30000
Found in the 5200 area. After defeat; transforms the Good Lands into the Bad Lands.
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Area 002Edit

Level range 5,300-20,000


Area 003 ("The Maze")Edit

Level range 20,100-27,200


Area 004Edit

Level range 28,800-36,000

Just move south. Nothing fancy.

Area 005 ("God Grid")Edit

Level range 37,777

The God Grid is a 7x7 Grid with 7 possible "shared" bonuses, which follows the standard Sudoku rules, where there can be no copy of the same Bonus in the same row or column. This grid is the only possible location for the "? !" Bonus to spawn, a bonus which, when active, has a moderate (30-60%) chance for the Dark Tower to appear.

Ene57 bb Tsukuyomi (ene57_bb)
HP: 7500000 (HM: 82500000) ATK: 130000 (HM: 1430000)
XP: 600000000 (HM: 6000000000) Gold: 17777 (HM: 88885)
Appears only in "?!" Bonus Area within Chaos Grid. Use your "Area Bonus" here if you're having trouble finding it. Note: It's not actually a boss, but since defeating it will take you to the Crystal Map; it's worth special mention.

When able to reach this grid easily, it is best to save the Zone Bonus (via the bonus buttons) for this zone in particular, because you will have 7 bonuses, with a high percentage chance that one of the 7 bonuses will be ?!.

Below is considered the most efficient route to check for the 7 bonus changes. (There is no point passing 2 times from the F, therefore the travel will be G-B-A-E-F-D-C upwards and C-D-F-E-A-B-G downwards).

God Grid color coded

If you defeat the Dark Tower, it will teleport you to the optional 41,111 Map (Rainbow/Crystal Map). Otherwise, killing the Boss (God) in the center will teleport you to Heaven, skipping the Crystal Map.

41,111 Map ("Rainbow/Crystal Map") Edit


The Crystal Bosses on this map can drop several of the best items in the game from all categories depending on which enemy you face. They are, of course, substantially stronger than the regular enemies you face on this map. A warning, that if you defeat the center rainbow crystal, you will be teleported to the Heaven Map.

Area 006 ("Heaven Map")Edit


The final map of the game.
Here lie some of the strongest weapons such as the Estoc+1 in the 45,200 Field, one of the best scaling weapons in the game and thus an amazing lategame weapon.
Another notable mention would be the Crystal Hammer in the 47,500 Field as it is a good midgame weapon.
You can find the second-best early game Armor in the 43,000 Field, the Crystal cape. The best is the Four gods/Green Armor, which drops in the 58,000 zone from the Tiger boss or green dragon normal enemies.

Black Bonus AreaEdit

You can get ported up here through "! ! !", at least from the 2,222 Field. Once in the area, it is indicated as Actual range: 0 with Bonus "!". The boss porting you there has significantly more HP than the Mummy boss, so outleveling him or having a Recover Necklace (4% damage converted to life) is recommended. Once inside you get 3-6 rounds at fighting statues.

White AreaEdit

Level range