Low Level Guide
Created by: ancientcampus
Last updated: July 28, 2015
CLv+PLv For: 0-3
GameLv For: 1-5200

Hello, and welcome to Inflation RPG! If you have logged less than three hours on Inflation RPG, then this guide may be for you. If you look around the wiki, you may feel intimidated as much of this site focuses on monsters over level 1,000, and guides talk about attacking bosses from the get-go. In truth, the feel of the game is very different than the To start: If you have downloaded the game very recently, then let me encourage you to put down this guide and explore. Only come back if you are stuck.

  1. Every run, concentrate on trying to get enough money to buy one piece of better equipment. You might try leaving your LUC at 0 for most of the run, then when you have 10-15 battles left, or when you reach the 800s-1000s areas, start raising your LUC exclusively. Remember that raising your LUC does not greatly raise your ability to fight monsters.
  2. Better safe than sorry! Losing a fight causes you to lose 3 additional battle points. Unlucky fights can happen to anyone, but be careful biting off more than you can chew.
  3. Notice that the accessory slots on the left-hand side are cheaper than the right-hand side.
  4. The Iron Axe is a very potent weapon in the early game. Buying it will allow you to skip many areas entirely.
  5. When you are able to tackle the harder areas, there is an even better weapon to find: the Dragon Rider (boss of the 2000 area) occasionally drops the Battle Axe. Raising your LUC and equipping LUC gems increases your odds of getting it.
  6. When you can beat the Eye Boss up north, then there are two main sources for good equipment: gold-farming in the desert, and getting weapon-drops from the Fire/Ice/Wind/Earth gods. It might be worthwhile to raise your LUC before facing them.

Below is a mini guide about how to do the first few runs. It’s shows the order of area you have to process, and the number inside ( ) show how many battle you should fight before next area (NOT include battles in ???, !, !!!, ?! which give you very low Exp). It’s also factor the lack of Movement Set that can help you skip some battles. See map section if you don’t know where to go. You can distribute 50% of your points to Attack, 25% to Hp, 25% Defend easily using "Half" and "All" buttons. <----------------------poop

Run 1

Char: 2A2L(Lv0)

BaseLv: 0

Set 1: W2,A2 (Bonus)

Point distribute 1 (PD1): 50%Att, 25%Hp, 25%Def

1(1) =>25(1) => 72(1) => 90(1) => 132(2) => 176(2) => 244(2) => 315(2)=> 72(1) => 300(1) => 470(1) => 630(2) => 810(2) => 300(1) =>B1(1) => 220(1) => 1222(1) => 1333(10)

Result: ~Lv1800, ~70k gold

At the beginning, you can use Bonus to get 4k gold and buy the cheapest Weapon and Armor (W2,A2) right away. Just follow the path above, buy an Attack Gem and Weapon number 4(W4) whenever you had enough money.

Once you arrived at Egypt (1222, 1333 and 2222), you can farm gold here and end this run. You can get 60~70k at the end, so buy W6, A4 and spend the rest to unlock slot and buy cheap Gems.

Run 2

Char: 2A2L(Lv0)

BaseLv: 1

Set 1: W6, A4, AttG, HpG

PD 1: 50%Att, 25%Hp, 25%Def

PD 2: 100%Luk

172(1) => 300(2) => 470(1) => 630(1) => 810(1) => 300(1) => B1(1) => 220(1) => 1222(1) => 1333(10) => 2222(7) => B2(1) => 2222(all)

In order to defeat Sphinx Boss(B2), you need at least Lv2200 using set 1 and PD1. Just keep Lv up in 1333, 2222, defeated B2 then PD2 when farm gold at 2222.

You can get 150~200k here, buy W10 and the rest go to unlock slot and cheap Gems.

Run 3 and after: By now, you’d probably got the gist of how to process by farming gold early and get stronger by buying shop gears. After every runs, buy the most expensive Weapon or Armor you can afford, then slots, Gems, Battle Points Rings... one at a time. For early gold farm guide, check this.

You can also check my battle logs and notes if you want, but for early stages it’s better to play the ways you like and only read mine as a reference.

So what’s next? Once you got most of the standard shop gears, slots, accessories below 1mil range, you can try following this guide.