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Quick 100k Levelling Guide
Created by: Ohoo
Last updated: Dec 17, 2014
CLv+PLv For: 0-10
GameLv For: 1-100000

Introduction Edit

The objective of this page is to show how to lvl up to 100k, kill all bosses, and start farming for +5 Gems.

Farming Gear Edit

In order to get to the end of this game you will need some strong gear. Here you can see the strongest gear you can easily get:

Estoc+1 > Area 44444 or 45200 Edit

Best weapon dropped by common monsters (best use at lvl 15000++)

Crystal Hammer > Area 47000 Edit

Best weapon dropped by common monsters (best use at lvl 0-15000)

Crystal Cape > Area 43000 Edit

Best armor dropped by common monsters (best use at lvl 0-20000)

Rare Armor > Area 13111 or 13333 Edit

Best armor dropped by common monsters (best use at lvl 20000++)

Farming Accessory Edit

In order to get over lvl 40000 without much trouble, it is extremely necessary to get a Recover Necklace.

Recover Necklace Edit

With this you will get 4% HP recovery, when you hit, so you will not need to increase HP much, saving those points to use in ATK, DEF, or LUCK.

It can be found at ??? bonus, dropped by SUCCUBUS QUEEN, it could be a little tricky to find this item, but I found this easily.

Gear Set Edit

Lvl 1 set This set is used only to kill the first boss in the 2222 lvl (not lvl 710 Fox). Edit

Crystal Hammer

Crystal Cape


XP GEM +2 (x3)


Recover Necklace

LVL 2-13000 SET Edit

This set is used until you kill all 4 elemental Gods at lvl 10000-13000. Edit

Crystal Hammer

Crystal Cape

Xp GEM+2 (x3)

Xp GEM+1 (x2)

Recover Necklace

LVL 13000++ SET Edit

This set is used all the way from lvl 13000 to the end. (Note: you don't exactly need to change this at lvl 13000, it is just a general idea) Edit


Rare Armor

XP GEM +2 (x3)

XP GEM +1 (x2)

Recover Necklace


This is very important. Otherwise, you will spend all your precious BP on poor battles. It is very important to avoid battles and kill only the bosses. Edit

Always use this set between battles and change back to "lvl up gear" when you think you will get into a battle. I like to fill the ENCOUNTER GAUGE until the "R", in the bar (2 blocks). Edit

Generic Weapon

Generic Armor

Encounter Reduction Ring (x3)

Movement Gem+1 (x3)

Points Distribution Edit

HP> 25K at lvl 5000, 50k at lvl 20000, 100k at lvl 44444, 200k at lvl 58000, 300k at lvl 63000, 400k at lvl 78000

ATK> Half of your Points

DEF> Half of your Points

AGI> 0

LUCK> See walkthrough

Walkthrough Edit

At lvl 1 equip your RUNNING SET and go all way EAST to the lvl 2222 boss. If you get into a battle before the boss just reset the game and try again.

Equip your lvl 1 GEAR and kill it easily.

Points> 50% HP, 25% DEF, 25% ATK.

Always equip your RUNNING SET between battles and head back west to kill the lvl 777 boss, lvl 2000 boss, and Eye Boss without any battles between them.

Points> 50% DEF, 50%ATK

After the Eye Boss, go south. Battle at Lvl 7000 (or 7400), and take the southeast path. Battle again at lvl 10400. Then go fight the Elemental Gods in this order:

Earth (East), Thunder (middle East), Water (West), Fire (middle West).

Points> 50k HP, then 50% ATK, 50% DEF

Fight at lvl 16900, and at lvl 19300, and at 20000.

Ignore the first boss and reach Orochi, the snake boss, behind the first boss. From this point in the game, you must choose your path: "Max lvl up", or "Luck Path"

If you choose the LUCK PATH, you will have a harder time of killing the bosses (Dragons, and lvl 58000++ Bosses).

Max lvl up> 50% ATK, 50% DEF. Edit

Luck Path> 40k LUCK, 50% ATK, 50% DEF. Edit

Orochi is strong at this point. You will need to lvl up a little here (3-4 Battles), in order to kill him (with only +2 and +1 xp gems). You can also use a Critical Dmg+Critical Rate+Recover Necklace Set in order to kill him.

Kill the 20000 boss, and go to the labyrinth. My tip here is always go south at the beginning of this dungeon. With time, you will memorize this map.

After reaching lvl 25555, go EAST to find and kill the first Dragon Boss. Go back to the middle and take the NORTH path. Once you reach and kill the second Dragon Boss, go back to lvl 25555 and kill the boss.

Max lvl up> 100k HP, 50% ATK, 50% DEF. Edit

Luck Path> 100k HP,40k LUCK, 50% ATK, 50% DEF. Edit

At this point, I suggest to kill 1 monsters at each lvl (28000,30000,33333,34500,36000). Kill 1 more if you think it is necessary.

XP at lvl 36000 is better than at lvl37777. Lvl up until lvl 37000-40000. Kill the boss and go on.

At lvl 37777, use your Bonus, and try to find !? warp bonus area (crystal area).

At lvl 41111, you will have probably lvl'ed up a little trying to find !? Area. It is time to lvl up HP/LUCK again

Max lvl up> 200k HP, 50% ATK, 50% DEF Edit

Luck Path> 200k HP, 80k-100k LUCK, 50% ATK, 50% DEF Edit

In Heaven, you can jump to lvl 47500. If you Choose the LUCK PATH, you should have about 10-20BP. In Max lvl Up, you should have about 50 BP.

Lvl up in Heaven, but don`t kill any of the bosses in 47500>50000>54000>58000. Move to the next lvl only when you barely lose life when fighting a monster (you recover completely, when hitting).

LVL 63000 is difficult. The Knight Woman is very difficult to beat so think twice before advancing to this lvl. Stay at lvl 58000 until you reach about lvl 75k.

Max lvl up> 300k HP, 50% ATK, 50% DEF Edit

Luck Path> 300k HP, Area lvl x2 LUCK, 50% ATK, 50% DEF Edit

If you choose the Luck Path, your journey probably will end here. When you reach about 5 BP, go and kill the Bosses. Use a Critical Dmg Ring+Critical Rate Ring+Recover Necklace and kill the lvl 50000 and 58000 bosses. Then you can try the lvl 63000 boss (but you will certainly die without a Critical Dmg or Atk*0,5 bonus).

If you choose the Max lvl up, keep lvling up until you get to 5BP. Then come back and kill the bosses (also use a Critical Dmg Ring+Critical Rate Ring+Recover Necklace).

You should reach about lvl 100k-115k.

Max lvl up> 500k-700k HP, 50% ATK, 50% DEF. Edit


by Ohoo

PS: This is a First Draft. I will try to improve this guide.