NOTE: This page is to immortalize the "Death Loot Exploit" that existed in all versions before 1.2.1. As of 1.2.1, you can no longer utilize this exploit. Do not recommend this exploit to anyone if they do not have a version prior to 1.2.1.

Versions Edit

  • ??? to 1.2.0: Exploit works as described.
  • 1.2.1: Exploit closed completely. Small caveat installed, which requires editing of the APK Payload information to utilize.

Exploit Information Edit

Description Edit

This exploit allowed you to roll on the enemy's loot table, despite the enemy killed you.

Difficulty Edit

The difficulty of this exploit was extremely easy, and was easy to experience.

Viability Edit

This exploit, despite wasting extra BP on dying (+2 per death), you got to roll on the loot table of the specific boss you are trying to farm multiple times per roll, which sped up farming considerably (8x-28x normal speed).

Condone Edit

The developer has actively sought to close this exploit, so this exploit is labelled as non-desired.

Forward Compatibility Edit

It is possible to revert to a previous version, take advantage of the exploit, and then upgrade, retaining all gains inside of the exploit.

Steps to Exploit Edit

To perform the exploit, simply die to any enemy. You will get a roll on the loot table. One note is that you will not be notified if you are given an item. Instead, it will just appear in your inventory next time you check. Since the enemy does not die when you do not kill it, you can perform this exploit over and over again to get the same result.