General OverviewEdit

Critical hit chance and damage is based on your AGI, LUC, and the enemy's overall strength (it's "Point Value"). The exact formulae for calculating critical chance and critical damage is for now unclear. Some take-home points for the average player, though, can be summarized as follows:

  • Very approximately, critical hit damage seems to range from x1.5 to x3 damage
  • when your HP drops below 25%, your chance to crit increases.
  • Higher-level enemies are harder to crit. Thus, you need to frequently re-invest in AGI and/or LUC if you wish to maintain your critical hit rate
  • Any single point in LUC is more important than a single point in AGI for determining crit chance, but because AGI rises faster than LUC, they are likely approximately equivalent in cost-to-critical-hit-rate.
  • AGI seems to have a relatively greater effect on critical damage than LUC.

Critical Damage calculation Edit

WARNING: This critical calculation is incorrect, because of assumptions I made earlier. Do not rely upon it. While the numbers are not inherently wrong, its just this is not the whole picture. Critical is affected by AGI. As you level up AGI, it is modified by your current level.

Critical is affected by your current hit points.

  • At 25% or less HP, you are given 7% more crit chance.
  • At 15% or less HP, you are given 11% more crit chance.
  • At 10% or less HP, you are given 15.5% more crit chance.
  • These bonuses cannot cause your crit chance to increase beyond 70%.

If you crit, it calculates a critical via the following way:

  • Total Crit % (maximum 70%) * 3 + 20% = Crit Base Multiplier
  • Random * 6 * Crit Base Multiplier = Crit Intermediate Multiplier
  • Crit Total Multiplier = If(Crit Intermediate Multiplier >= 6, 5, Crit Intermediate Multiplier)
  • After that, +5 Total Multiplier is added, which then uses the following equation (final damage calc):
    • (ATK+1) * (1.75 + (TotalMultiplier / 5)) * critPlusDamage + 4

So, for example, let's say, with a 50% Crit Rate, 1000 ATK, 100% Crit Plus Damage. Random, we will say generated as 0.5

  • (0.5*3)+0.2=1.7 (Base)
  • (0.5*6*1.7)=5.1 (Intermediate)
  • Since Intermediate < 6, Multiplier is 5.1
  • (1000+1)*(1.75+5.1/5)*1+4=2776.77 Damage.

Critical Damage RingsEdit

Equipping a Critical Damage Ring increases the total damage dealt with a successful critical hit approximately as follows:[1]

  • 1 ring: critical damage +25%
  • 2 rings: critical damage +46% total
  • 3 rings: critical damage +70% total

Case StudyEdit

In one case study, critical hits against the Sphinx did on average +40% damage more than non-criticals. The variance was wide, however, ranging from 9% above average to 69%. The character had base-level LUC or AGI with no bonuses. This number may or may not be dependent on the character's AGI, LUC, or the monster's Point Value.[1]

Extracted FormulaeEdit

There has been an attempt by User:Imper1um to discern the critical damage through examining the game's code. His notes can be found at Extraction:Notes. This is still a work-in-progress.

References Edit

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