For those who are wishing to Min-Max, you can use these extraction pages to give you information on how to maximize Drop Rates, AGI Use, and Attack Bonuses.

- Note by Musical Samurai (19th May 2017)
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Calculation PagesEdit

  • Point Value
    • Point Value is a calculation on how much an enemy affects your player. It is a vital calculation before Combat and Drop Rates.
  • Player Values
    • A variety of common player values are calculated prior to any battle, and used also in drop rates.
  • Item Drop
    • The calculations for how Items are Dropped based on enemy and stats.
  • Enemy Appearance Rates
    • Calculations for figuring out how enemies will appear in a Trash area.
  • Damage formulas
    • Calculations for figuring out how much damage enemies will do to you.
  • Gold Reward
    • Calculations for figuring out how much bonus gold your luck provides
  • Critical Hit and Combo Rate
    • Calculations for figuring out your chance to critical hit or combo

Extraction PagesEdit

Note PagesEdit